Tourist destinations as NFT collections

Our NFT collection consists of 500+ most exotic and attractive world destinations.

Choose your dream destination from our NFT selection, and you will get the ticket to visit it in person.

We combine your real-life experience in foreign continents that you can digitalize and keep forever as a memento.

DestinationType of experienceDuration
AfricaSafari Trips3 - 21 days
AsiaAncient Cities5 - 21 days
EuropeEat and Drink3 - 14 days
South AmericaJungle Adventures3 - 14 days
AustraliaDiving and Surfing5 - 14 days

Who are we?

We are a team of top-notch professionals having a diverse background in tourism, blockchain, and NFTs.

To raise the popularity of NFTs, we wanted to provide every proud NFT owner with the opportunity to travel to their dream destinations worldwide simply by using NFTs.

Go ahead and choose from our NFT collection consisting of 500+ most exotic and attractive world destinations. Collect our digital world NFTs and win the chance to travel to the original destination in person!

Building Partnerships

We are truly happy to share this idea with other fellow travellers and help bring this dream to reality. At the moment we are still hard at work creating our network of destinations and the possibilities for using only crypto for any and all trips. Please revisit us in few weeks to get an update on this project!